5 AWESOME Pantera Riffs and how to play them!

5 AWESOME Pantera riffs

5 AWESOME Pantera Riffs

Learn how to play 5 AWESOME Pantera riffs!

I first got into Pantera from seeing them on an old British TV programme called Raw Power. They instantly blew my mind with their heavy sound and groove feel and I’ve been a huge fan since then. Sadly I do rue the fact I missed, and passed up chances, to see them live 🙁 Therefore I guess it’s no surprise that a few of their riffs have made it into the MasterThatRiff! series.

Regular People

This lesson was actually a request from one of the mastertheguitar Patrons over the mastertheguitar Patreon page. A heavy hitter from Vulgar Display of Power this riff features one of my all time favourite Pantera riffs, every time I hear it I can’t help but bang that head!

TAB available here

I’m Broken

Taken from Pantera’s 1994 album Far Beyond Driven ‘I’m Broken’ is another mega slab of riffage. Dimebag was one of a kind and his riff writing was something else.

TAB available here

Mouth For War

The times I have moshed around to this track, nearly thrown out of a local club a few times too back in the day as a result 😉 I LOVE this song and it’s a masterclass in building anticipation before slamming you with the main riff.

TAB available here

Cowboys From Hell

The track that started it all, though not Pantera’s first album (check out their old glam days!) Cowboys From Hell definitely is the one that put them on the map and the title track was key in building that audience. I recorded this lesson way back in 2009 and though the tone is questionable it does feature my old Green Multicolour JEM!

TAB available here


One of the very first MasterThatRiff! lessons! Walk is yet another bone crushing riff and is of course the opening track from Vulgar Display of Power which laid out Pantera’s plan to make the heaviest album of all time. It is that.

TAB available here.

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