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FREE Nuno Bettencourt Line 6 HELIX Patch!

In the latest MasterThatRiff! lesson I looked at how to play He-Man Woman Hater by Extreme and it was the …Read More

Profile PhotoMark McGuiganMay 25, 2018

The Science of the guitar finish: Nitrocellulose, Polyurethane, Polyester?

Ever wondered what the various electric guitar finishes are all about? For example my Strat has a classic aged Surf …Read More

Profile PhotoMark McGuiganSeptember 28, 2017

Revolutionary new guitar strings! In-tune chord whammying.

I’ve been very lucky to have been asked by my friend Dr Jonathan Kemp to try out some revolutionary new …Read More

Profile PhotoMark McGuiganSeptember 26, 2017

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