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Hey Folks,

I have just launched the mastertheguitar Patreon page at

Patreon is a fantastic way for YOU guys to get involved with what I do, become a part of what content is created and get access to cool extras. Together we’ll create some new exciting content as well as improve current lesson and gear videos and in doing so, I hope, we’ll build up a great guitar related community where we can all inform and benefit each other as players and musicians.

By becoming a Patron you will gain access to Patreon exclusive content such as:

$1 For the Players!

Ideal for those who want to show appreciation for what I’m doing in this big wide World for just a buck a month! You’ll get access to the all transcriptions (in pdf and Guitar Pro format) as well as Line 6 HELIX patches for any guitars tones used and exclusive Q&A access including behind the scenes content for an inside look on what goes on at mastertheguitar.

$2 For the Heroes!

If you would like to throw in another $1 you’ll instantly be a Hero in my book! As such you will have a say in what content gets created with lesson requests etc. Any video/lesson you help to create I will very gratefully give you a shout out and namecheck with my most utmost thanks.

$5 For the Legends!

This is now, in my opinion, a pretty decent amount to be contributing a month when you consider all our outgoing these days. For such Legendary status you will get access to all audio files related to content be it backing tracks, songs, practice loops etc. as well as access to expanded lesson content including handouts, practice tips and advice.


Of course being a musician these days require multiple income streams and like everyone else there are bills to pay and overheads. To be frank if I was in it for ‘the money’ I would have stayed working as a Software Engineer!  Quite simply ALL money from your Patronage will be invested in making better quality and more regular content for YOU.


Lesson Requests, Soundslice TAB, Guitar Pro files, artist HELIX Patches, extended lessons, backing tracks, behind the scenes and much more! Take a second to support mastertheguitar on Patreon!
August 26, 2020

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