The mastertheguitar studio offers private one-to-one guitar and bass tuition in person or online via Zoom.

An experienced tutor, Mark strives to provide a high standard of teaching to all his students.

Lessons are flexible, and cater for all levels of experience from beginning to advanced guitarists. Designed around each student’s needs and goals, Mark aims to enable his students to get the most out of their instrument.

Lessons can also be arranged to follow the RGT or Rockschool graded syllabii in electric, acoustic, and bass guitar from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels.



Music Theory

No nonsense theory application looking at harmony, chord knowledge, scales, arpeggios, modes and sight reading


All aspects of technique from beginner to advanced level


Total freedom of creative expression on the instrument, jamming, phrasing, playing over changes

Ear Training

Interval and harmonic recognition, transcription, play what you hear

Song Learning

Detailed and thorough walkthrough of songs with accurate transcriptions and backing tracks


Aspects of song construction, writing and recording techniques

Single Zoom 1 hour Lesson


Zoom Lessons

Lessons are provided via Zoom. A calendar invitation will be sent for each lesson which will contain the Zoom meeting link.

In the very rare case that we run into any technical issues (bad connection, Zoom acting up etc) I tend to just postpone and reschedule our lesson with no booking loss. 

Audio is fine via webcam mic, just as long as I can hear your voice and guitar OK that’s all we need. If we’re using backing tracks etc. sometimes there can be audio issues but again if we’re just using a single mic I should be able to hear you over the backing etc. 🙂 

Payment Policy

Lessons are booked in advance at £32 for the hour and can be done on a single basis or a block booking if you prefer.

Payment is via online invoicing, an email will be sent which contains a link for payment by Easy Bank Transfer or by card for international students.

Cancellation/Postponement Policy

There is a 24 hour notice period for lesson cancellations/reschedule and if I’ve been notified within this time we can easily arrange an alternative time for our lesson and there is no charge for the missed lesson. If less than 24 hours notice has been given and there are no exceptional circumstances (illness, emergency etc.) then there’ll be a charge for the full lesson.

Unfortunately I’m fully booked up just now but if you would like to be added to the waiting list please fill out the form below 🙂



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Good source for guitar tuition
James McGuigan
James McGuigan
20:28 17 Nov 21
I've taken lessons from Mark every two weeks for the last nine years. He has taken me on a journey from being a camp fire guitarist to, for example, being able to play jazz standards, improvise over different genres of music using modes, construct extended chords, and harmonise scales.Of course, what this learning has also shown me is how much I have yet to learn! Mark provides a clear educational structure, with lessons carefully planned in advance, his own course handouts, bespoke backing tracks, and specific homework tasks.The limiting factor in my continued progression is the amount of time that I practice. I couldn't ask for anything more from a guitar teacher.
Simon Nancy
Simon Nancy
17:03 13 Jan 20
Great guitar lessons tailored perfectly to exactly what you want to focus on. I have been a student for a number of years now and Mark has helped develop my playing ability and my knowledge of music theory and composition.
Duncan Macgregor
Duncan Macgregor
09:28 03 Dec 19
Mark has been my bass teacher for several years. (That's amazing to start with!!!) He customises lessons to what is needed to progress and finds music and styles that he knows I will like. He is excellent at explaining new concepts and has a massive amount of patience. I would totally recommend Mark to anyone wanting an enthusiastic, versatile teacher of bass and guitar.
sheila gilfillan
sheila gilfillan
20:30 01 Dec 19
Highly recommendI came to Mark as a self taught guitarist who had been playing for over 10 years. I thought I would take lessons for a few years to break out of a rut - I have now been having lessons with Mark for over 10 years!Teaches a wide range of music and techniques to an advanced level.If you want to improve your skills, get yourself some lessons here.
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson
12:03 30 Nov 19
Mark is an outstanding bass guitar teacher, he tailors the lessons and learning to the student and has a fantastic way of getting concepts across. I would not hesitate in recommending Mark to any guitarist or bassist.
Alex Dalton
Alex Dalton
10:48 15 Apr 18
Mark is a brilliant teacher. He quickly tailors his courses to suit the skills , needs and interests of his students. Mark has a comprehensive knowledge of playing styles and music theory and I have yet to find a topic or style of playing he has not been able to help me advance.
Duncan Macgregor
Duncan Macgregor
11:15 10 Apr 18
Excellent teacher! Couldn't recommend highly enough.
Alan Boyd
Alan Boyd
21:23 09 Apr 18
Brilliant guitar tutor, and master of a number of styles. Importantly, Mark loves guitar music so if you need help (and yes I do), this is the guy you need.
David Keenan
David Keenan
12:28 09 Apr 18
For the finest guitar lessons possible, come here!
Mike Wicks
Mike Wicks
10:53 09 Apr 18

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