Blues Saraceno Yamaha RGZ820R – In-depth Gear Demo – MasterThatGear!

In this MasterThatGear! video we look in detail at my new (but old) guitar! An eye catching Blues Saraceno Yamaha RGZ820R 🙂


Body: Basswood Neck:

Bolt on Maple thickness @ 1st fret 20mm thickness @ 12th fret 24mm

Nut: 43mm locking

Fretboard: Rosewood 22 frets 14″ radius 25.5″ scale

Headstock: Black Reversed Pointed Yamaha

Tuners: Black Gotoh

Pickups: Live GR 4 Alnico V USA x 1 (15.4 kOhm), Live GH 5 Alnico V USA x 1 (9kOhm)

Controls: Black Knurled 1 volume 3 way switch with black switch tip Hardware: Black Bridge: TRS pro Pickguard: None

Colours: Green Plaid Years available April 1993 to 1994 released at 85,000 yen

Guitar recorded with Massive Unity Dirty Boy T.A.E preamp pedal kindly loaned to me by the awesome Dave Brons (Check out his website and his latest album which is truly EPIC) through Line 6 HELIX LT. Intro music written and recorded by me.

Also check out Yamaha Guitars and Blues Saraceno: and on Spotify

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