In this MasterThatLick! lesson we’re looking at how to play 5 AWESOME Steve Vai style licks from around the time he was with David Lee Roth.

Vai’s playing on the Eat Em and Smile and Skyscraper albums are some of my all time favourite Vai moments. There’s a sense of fun and Vai making his mark, no wonder after landing the gig with Eddie’s previous singer 😉

In this lesson we go through 5 Steve Vai licks that touch upon a few of Vai’s techniques and sounds from this era namely tapping, sweep arpeggios, whammy bar use, wide intervallic ideas, harmonised guitar parts and smooth rapid legato runs.

Recorded with Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas and Line 6 HELIX LT.

Steve Vai Style Licks!

Lick #1

Lick #2

Lick #3

Lick #4

Lick #5


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