Back on the Streets Guitar Lesson

For this MasterThatRiff! lesson we go back to some early Gary Moore magic with an in-depth Back on the Streets Guitar Lesson.

Gary Moore was such a prolific and varied performer, most would know of him from his Still Got The Blues era but right at the start of his solo career you’ll hear elements of fusion, rock and metal in his playing and music. His debut solo album Back on the Streets features some fantastic playing as well as, arguably, Gary Moore’s (co-written with legend Phil Lynott) most famous song, the epic Parisienne Walkways.

The title track kicks off with some characteristic fiery playing from Moore then launches into a great rocking’ riff with just a little hint of fusion for the end Bb/C chord. Watch out for the timing on the repeating intro lick rather than focusing on how fast it is. Locking in with the beat will make the learning much easier and quicker.


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Cheers Mark

Recorded with custom Fender Stratocaster through a Line 6 HELIX LT, twanged with my trusty Hawk Pick from

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