In this MasterThatRiff! lesson learn how to play the opening riff to Blockheads by Mark Lettieri from his latest album ‘Things Of That Nature’.

I’ve been really enjoying listening to Mark Lettieri’s new album ‘Things Of That Nature’ and I thought it would cool to look at how to play the riff to the opening track Blockheads. It’s got a great vibe to it and has some ear catching sequences as well as a great riff for working on your rhythmical subdivisions switching from 16ths to 8th note triplets.

Thanks for watching, have fun with the riff and if your found the video helpful please consider liking/sharing the video and check out the mastertheguitar Patreon page if you have any lesson requests or want a deeper look into the mastertheguitar channel.


Recorded with heavily customised Fender Classic Player 60s Stratocaster through Line 6 HELIX LT, strings plucked with my trust Hawkpicks pick.

The HELIX patch for this lesson is available here.


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