1986 Charvel Model 2 – In-depth Gear Demo – MasterThatGear!

In this MasterThatGear! video we look at my new love, a Japanese made 1986 Charvel Model 2 in awesome Ferrari red!

Talk about a hard rocking machine, I talk about the upgrades and repairs that have been made, namely replacing the bridge with a German made Floyd Rose with D-Tuna and have that all realigned.

All guitar sounds recorded using Charvel Model 2 through Line 6 Helix LT. Intro music written and recorded by me. Check out the mastertheguitar Patreon page if you would like the Jamtrack of the music at the start or a copy of the Line 6 HELIX patch used for this video.

Thanks for watching!


Tremolo: Kahler® Fulcrum

Body Composition: Basswood
Weight: 3.8kg (8.4 lbs)

Neck: Quartersawn Rock Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
43 mm nut width
53 mm wide at 12th fret
19 mm deep at 1st fret
22 mm deep at 12th fret

Machine Heads: Jackson SG38-07B

Fingerboard Nut Composition: Phenolic

Fret Wire: Hardness – Rockwell C6/Brinell 171
Size – .118 x .114 x .51 x .37
Composition – 18% Nickel Silver

Finish Options: Black, Pearl White, Red

Control Functions: One Volume
Pickup Specifications: Model Number: J90C (One)
Description: Ultra high output distortion class,accentuated low frequency pickup with ceramic magnets for “clearer” distortion.
Sr.(in K Hz): 4.88
Z (@Sr in MOhms): 5.6
Inductance (in Henries): 9.8
Q (@Sr): 18.8
Output Level (@ Sr): +51.1dB
Magnetic Structure: Ceramic
Resistance (in KOhms): 15.93

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September 17, 2019

2 responses on "1986 Charvel Model 2 - In-depth Gear Demo - MasterThatGear!"

  1. Hey hey,i got the same beauty,but with an jt-6 stock trem,under licence from fl.yeah its crappy.pls tell me wich orginal fl would fit?i see your m2 hase no new cavitys drilled.

    Greetings from germany,jürgen

  2. wouldn’t this be a 1987 since it has the jt-6 trem? or that the kalmer in the vid?

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