In this MasterThatRiff! lesson we look at how to play a HUGE sounding riff, that’s a big fave of mine, Dogman by King’s X!

We’re downtuned a bit for this one but it really helps to make this riff sound as huge and heavy as it does. Ty Tabor makes go use of contrasting textures and dynamics in this riff, with percussive scratch muted 16ths to huge power chords on the lower strings interspersed with higher voiced chords, all these elements combine to create an unforgettable and truly awesome bit of rffage!

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Thanks for watching, have fun with the riff and if you found the video helpful please consider liking/sharing the video.

Cheers Mark

Recorded with Charvel Model 2 through a Line 6 HELIX LT, twanged with my trusty Hawk Pick from

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