In this MasterThatRiff! lesson learn how to play the intro riff to Erotic Nightmares by Steve Vai!

I recall when I bought the Passion and Warfare album when it was released I got the TAB book not long after and remember finding that intro riff to Erotic Nightmares pretty damn tricky to play! In this less we break it down so hopefully it clears up some of the trickier aspects and you can be groovin’ along with Mr Vai ASAP. 🙂

I would like to thank Steve from the mastertheguitar Patreon group for requesting this lesson, cheers mate! 🤘

Thanks for watching, have fun with the riff and if you found the video helpful please consider liking/sharing the video and check out the mastertheguitar Patreon page if you have any lesson requests or want a deeper look into the mastertheguitar channel.


Recorded with Yamaha RGZ820R through Line 6 HELIX LT, strings plucked with my trusty Hawkpicks pick.

The HELIX patch for this lesson is available here.


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